Learn to hear.

Fully Parsed helps you systematically master listening comprehension in your target language🇪🇸🇫🇷🇺🇸, using new forms of explorable audio. Finally close the "Reading-Listening Gap" once and for all.

Save 1500 HOURS.

Mastering a second language inherently requires an enormous time commitment. But we can do much better than the status quo. Fully parsed can get you to real comprehension 5 times faster than unstructured input learning, because we use guided, structured immersion, augmented by adaptive explorable audio. Fully Parsed guides you through a fully-mapped sequence of careful noticing that hones your ear with powerful new tools, reducing the process from ~2000 hours to ~400 hours. 5X.

How it works

One Ring Per Day

Master 30 words a day by completing exploration challenges that feature each word in context, in multiple accents, voices, and speeds.

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Seven Rings Per Week

Show up every day and you'll soon feel it working like nothing else has. The weekly overview keeps track of your progress, so you know how much ground you've covered.
The terrain is no longer invisible.

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Enjoy Explorable Audio Challenges

Wave Tree

Navigate the structure of a sentence without leaving your audio player. Easily cycle through voices, accents, and speeds to hone your ear. Practice speaking, accent immitation, and transcription skills.

Word Lens

Carefully comb through connected speech for sounds you identify by ear. Directly measure and improve your sound perception of individual words, phrases, and syllables in different accents, and at multiple speeds.

Wave Reader

A way to facilitate close reading with the ear alone. Never look up anything while reading or listening to an audiobook ever again. All supplemental information instantly visible in less than 100 milliseconds.

Personalised Podcast Adapts with You

Intensive learning is essential, but you also need to enjoy your new skills, in comfort. Because we know what you know (and what you don't), we can generate or explain audio at exactly your level. Like having a tutor in your ear, explaining every word, phrase, and sentence, and skipping what you already know.